New Australian Domain Auction Platform

Brighton Beach Bathing Huts

A new auction platform opened up today for Australian domain names in the aftermarket.

More detail ahead, but for those who know about drop auctions of Australian domains, just head over to to the new $10 Domain Auctions… Continue reading

NYTimes Talks

NYT Article about Nuts.comA web retailer who purchased a much improved domain name.

Interesting look at the process of one business owner transitioning to a better domain name (from to yet at first… Continue reading

Use Your Own Domain

I was recently on a thread at (Australia’s domain forum) about Google business pages and shared an idea that I’d like to share here also.

If you’re noticing, a lot of the time, links to social pages and… Continue reading

Testing Cloud Hosting

Godaddy Virtual DataCenter title imageGodaddy recently began offering Cloud Hosting by the name of Virtual DataCenter.

Naturally, I was curious when I learned of it whilst looking into another provider. I usually use Godaddy when it suits and my reseller account for domains… Continue reading

Blog Rolling

It has been over two years since I updated the blog roll here on Casual Domainer.

Ben Kross portraitI’m planning on making regular posts partly because I see so many of the things I predicted happening and I also note that over… Continue reading

A Look at Results of the recent Newsletters

The newsletters mentioned in previous posts, containing domains contributed by bloggers for the recent sales blast has some interesting results.

There were 9 domains sold for a total of $20,789 with just over $2000 commissions, so each of the… Continue reading

Second January Newsletter – Second List of Domain Names

Value Proposition 2

cax-newletter-page-thumbnailHere’s the follow-up to the previous post about the ( January 9 2012 newsletter with the featured domains.

I submitted the domain to the list at nearly half the estimated value ($1,100 down to… Continue reading January 9 Newsletter – List of Featured Domain Names

Value Proposition

As I mentioned in the previous post about the special January newsletter will feature 100 of the best deals via members and this is where the value lies.

Here’s the list of domain names for sale in… Continue reading Newsletter Special Sale Jan 2012 is publishing a special domain sales newsletter on January 9th (2012).

The entire community of bloggers will benefit from owner Francois Carrillo’s generosity, returning a portion of the profits of domain sales to bloggers who post about the… Continue reading

Real Com Estate

I would like to introduce an associated new web site, Real Com Estate (

Real Com Estate lists great domain names for purchase. Many are high end names, brokered through various arrangements. Take a look, it’s early days and I… Continue reading

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